"We'll send them cheesy comics, the worst we can find . . . ."

Okay, so maybe these aren't the cheesiest comics around--far from it, in fact.  We have many great comics from around Keenspot and Keenspace, not to mention a few independants as well.  All in all, thirty-one comics have signed up for this event, by artists from all over the world.  Be sure to read them all!

Participating Comics
@ Indicates adult content  Indicates non-Keen comic  K indicates Keenspot comic
Please note that most of these links won't work until the event has actually begun.

The Adventures of
Captain Mooki
By Teague Tysseling

Aero Child
By Jaimielée Rocket

Anxiety Café
By Rockerbot 27

By Adam Gentry

Breakpoint City
By Brian Emling

Chaos, Inc.
By Erin Dilbaitis

By Garth Ogle

The Crudely Drawn
Adventures of Kan Kong
By Dan Frioli

Droll Street
By Marshall Ricks

By James

Fanboy Otaku Gamers Club
By Dennis Kanenwisher 

@ Fat Jesus!
By Mike Leffel

Fever Dream
By Phillip Gibson

Heroes With Glasses
By Dana Gaston

@ Insanity Please
By Deathbringer

It Hurts to be That Stupid
By Carson Raycraft

Jackie's Fridge / JoBeth!
By BJ Hiorns

Man-Man Comics
By James Duncan

K Melonpool
By Steve Troop

By Screwball McGoo

K Newshounds
By Thomas K. Dye

The Nolans
By Josh Nickerson

Once Were Stars
By Tall T

By Shay Caron

@ Psychic Dyslexia Institute
By Maddix and Port

Random Acts of Madness
By Geoffrey Roberts

By Matt "Squeezycheeks" Wilson

The SporkMan Chronicles
By John Troutman

K Superosity
By Chris Crosby

The Tongue
By Martin Billany

Yin & Yang
By Jess Idres

Original Concept by Brian Emling
Organized by Dan Frioli and Brian Emling
Special Thanks to Chris Crosby, Satellite News, and everyone who participated!

The post that started it all:

"After reading around Keenspot and Keenspace, I've noticed that MANY MANY MANY comic strips have paid small tributes to the best cow-town-puppet show this side of Sifl and Olly: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K). You know; the show with the guy and two robots who sit in front of horrible B-movies and make fun of 'em? It used to be on Comedy Central, but moved to the Sci-Fi Channel? Huh???

"Well, many cartoonists claim that they are MSTies (Die-hard fans of the show). Everyone from Sporkman to Melonpool to Sluggy Freelance have somehow paid a little homage to this show.

"So what am I getting at? I propose a MSTing weekend, where everyone involved would have Mike (or Joel) and the 'bots riff on their comic. It can be an old comic from your archives, or it could be new. You could even have your comic characters parody, say, Manos: the Hands of Fate, and have the three make fun of it. As long as it has the silhouettes in it, it's good.

"MST is my all-time favorite show, and it's in danger of being dropped off of the Sci-Fi channel's schedule next year. Perhaps this event can raise the awareness of the show, extending it's life a little longer... or maybe not. In any event, it will be fun to do."

                    --Brian "Krankor" Emling

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